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 In 'Seal, Sigil & Call: A New Approach to Ritual Magic' I seek to impart upon you a new school of magic focused on transcendent personal growth and empowerment through communion with otherworldly and/or archetypal intelligences called Eidolons. This book was designed to be suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners, meeting you where you are currently at in your magical journey, and intended to be tailored into your own unique practice to suit your individual needs through ritual formulae and other customizable concepts. It is my sincere hope that you find use in this book, whether you adopt its practices in their entirety or simply take from it those exercises and concepts that most call to you. 

 -J.R. Mascaro

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“Seal, Sigil & Call by J.R. Mascaro is an extraordinary contribution to contemporary occultism that injects fresh life force into the veins of traditional magical practices."

~Mat Auryn - Celebrated author of 'Psychic Witch'

“A new and coherent system with a different style and vision for developing your skills, communing with spirits, and working effective magick."

~Ivo Dominguez Jr. - Gold COVR award winning author of 'The Four Elements of the Wise'

"J. R. Mascaro approaches the old path of Ritual Magic in a new brilliant and encouraging way."

~Elhoim Leafar - of Solitary Witch Books, author of 'Manifestation Magic'

"J.R.'s book captures what so many of us are seeking: our own path... You can define and shape a ritual magical practice that is unique to you."

~Natalie Zaman - award-winning author of 'Magical Destinations of the Northeast'

"This is a system of magic with limitless possibilities to be acquired and built upon by the seeker of magic."

~ From the Foreward by Frater Barrabbas - Author of 'Elemental Power for Witches'

About J.R. Mascaro

J.R. Mascaro is an author, artist, and sorcerer who has been working with energy and communicating with the subtle realm since childhood. He has used his ritual practice to navigate through life, and it is his desire to share with others the techniques which have helped him to flourish. J.R. is an oracle, poet, and ordained ceremonial officiant. He holds a B.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in Anthropology of Religion and is a member of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.

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