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Upcoming Events

     Check here to keep up with J.R.s book signings, lectures, workshops, podcast interviews, and other appearances. If you're interested in having J.R. speak or teach at your location, please contact the Llewellyn Worldwide publicity department by clicking here. If you would like to interview J.R. please contact his publicist by clicking here.

March 15th 2024

Paganicon 2024

     J.R. will be signing books and presenting a workshop on Paneidolism and the Eidolon model at Paganicon 2024. 

March 28th 2024

Sacred Spaces 2024

     J.R. will be signing books and leading the Ritual of Concentric Ascension and Invocation of the Eighteenth Eidolon at Sacred Spaces 2024.

Recorded Appearances

     Links to J.R.s previous appearances on podcasts and other web media.



Blackthorn Grove Podcast

     J.R. and Amy Blackthorn converse about Seal, Sigil & Call and the vicissitudes of authorhood. 


Inside the Wooniverse Guest Spot

     J.R. speaks with Colette Baron Reid on 'Inside the Wooniverse' for season 3, episode 70: "Modern Magic & Sorcery for the Highest Good of All" tune in for a great conversation!


Crossroads Community Podcast

     J.R. speaks with Meghan (Doctor Witch) about sigils, ritual, living your truth, self exploration, and much else besides, on the March 8th 2023 'Sigil Magick: Living Intentionally' podcast. 


Unturned Pages Podcast

     J.R. speaks with Jenny and Witch Jodi about sorcery, growing up magic, Seal Sigil & Call, and so much more!


Church of Mabus Radio

     J.R. speaks with Jeffrey and Prof WHAM about Seal, Sigil & Call, paranormal experiences, mycelium, universal love, and more!


Strange Dominions Podcast

  J.R. speaks with Ian and Octavian from Strange Dominions about sorcery, manifestation, personal development, high strangeness, and Seal Sigil & Call.


Previous Events

     These are the events where J.R. has spoken, signed books, or presented workshops in the past. This list only includes regional, national, and international events, and not the many activities J.R participates in at a hyperlocal level at independent bookstores, metaphysical shops, and libraries. 

⟣ Paganicon 2023
⟣ Between the Worlds 2023
⟣ Sacred Spaces 2023
⟣ INATS 2023
⟣ Mystic South

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