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J.R. Mascaro is an author, artist, and sorcerer based in central NJ. He is the author of 'Seal, Sigil & Call: A New Approach to Ritual Magic' from Llewellyn Books.

J.R. offers guidance sessions for your sorcerous journey, as well as custom handmade gate cards. Gates are energetic patterns designed to provide continuous effect, these patterns are anchored to physical cards containing imagery that resonates with the purpose of the gate. Popular requests include gate cards for manifestation, abundance, spiritual healing, joy, and love.

J.R. also offers readings using his hand-drawn oracle cards, handmade sigil tokens, or by throwing bones, usually at shops or events.

Services Offered

Online Guidance or Reading

30 Minute Session for $60

An online sessions delivered via Skype or Zoom to offer guidance on the subjects of sorcery and magic, or a personal reading.

In Person Guidance or Reading

60 Minute Session for $125

An across-the-table discussion at a shop, local library, or other public meeting place. Limited to appointments in North and Central NJ.

Custom Gate Card
Mailed to your door for $60*

A gate card made according to your needs, placed in a protective sleeve and mailed via sturdy envelope to your door.
*$5 Shipping & Handling

Booking Information

By booking a service you agree to our

These conditions exist to protect practitioners from those acting in bad faith. With common sense, kindness, and mutual compassion, these terms should not need to be stated. Nonetheless, we ask you familiarize yourself with them before booking for the peace of mind of all parties. 

Book via Instagram Message Below

@jrmascaro is J.R. Mascaro's ~only~ Instagram, and he will never approach you first offering a service.

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