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J.R. is an authority on thrown object divination using dice, sigil tablets, runestones, bones, and other tokens designed to rouse the intuition through their casting. He offers readings via these methods online, as well as through write-up services in which a divination will be thrown on your behalf and a comprehensive writeup sent via email.

J.R. also offers gate cards: custom handmade spellcraft expressed tangibly via ink and paper as can be seen on his Instagram

J.R. only offers in-person readings through shops or events. 

All services must be paid in full via Square Invoice before delivery.

Services Offered

Online Reading

30 Minute Session - $60

60 Minute Session - $120

An online session delivered via Skype or Zoom to offer a personal reading on any number of questions or subjects.

Written Readings

Offered via Email

Priced per Question at $20

A quick service for a single throw of the dice, runes, tokens, or stones. J.R. will provide a 500 -1000 word write-up of the message received and send to you via email.

Custom Spellcraft:

Gate Cards
Mailed to your door for $60*

A gate card made according to your needs, placed in a protective sleeve and mailed via sturdy envelope to your door.
*US Shipping Included

Book via Instagram Message or Email

@jrmascaro is J.R. Mascaro's ~only~ Instagram, and he will never approach you first offering a service.

By booking a service you agree to abide by the

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