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A Brief Introduction

Welcome friends and celebrants various and sundry. My name is J.R. Mascaro and I would like to introduce myself and my work.

Above all, of the many things that I am, I am chiefly a ritual magician and sorcerer. This means that I engage in the symbolic and allegorical pageantry of ritual in order to focus my will and weave effect into the framework of reality. It also means that I engage with various intelligences, which can be seen as internal thought patterns or external nonphysical beings, to aid me in these endeavors. I have some unique approaches to this practice that have been built upon the firm foundations of my philosophical forebears, and you can read about these things in my upcoming book, Seal, Sigil, and Call: A New Approach to Ritual Magic, which is due to be released by Llewellyn Worldwide in the latter half of 2022.

Over the course of my life to date I have sought to drink deeply of the cup of wonders that is living. I have struggled and triumphed to varying degrees, as have we all, and I have turned to my esoteric practice to navigate the many ups and downs that come as part and parcel of physical existence. It is my will to share the things I have learned with you, my readership, that you may apply them to positive effect in your lives and the lives of others. My primary way of doing this is through the books I have written and will write. To a less ambitious extent, I will endeavor to share with you here on this blog as well.

I cannot promise you an overflow of entries, but I can promise that every entry beyond this introduction that I deliver will be with the express desire to be useful to you. Often, I suspect insofar as I know myself, this blog will be a place for musings on topics of interest to magicians and other seekers of the esoteric and arcane, a place to provoke thought and ignite your own musings.


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