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Reflections on Week One, Upcoming Appearances, and Bibliomancy

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

'Seal,Sigil & Call: A New Approach to Ritual Magic' has been out for a week as of today! You can have it to your door in two days via Amazon Prime if you need it for a Yule gift, but I encourage you to procure it at your local esoteric shop or independent bookstore, or directly from the publisher on Llewellyn's website. If you see me out on your journeys, I'm always happy to sign your copy.

I will be appearing on several podcasts over the next few months, I am currently booked for five and very excited for them. Anyone who knows me knows that I can talk about magic, books, and the magic of books at length and with great enthusiasm. Details forthcoming as my gracious hosts release their schedules.

I am abiding in a liminal state, having just released my first work to the reading public. I am a first time author and, as such, an unknown. However, stirrings are occurring and people are reaching out to discuss my work. My Amazon and Goodreads reviews are positive so far, although I do harbor suspicions that one may have been written by my mother.

I have embarked on this journey of authorship that I may share my practice with people, in the hopes they may glean positivity and utility from it. As such, it is necessary that I evangelize myself a bit, spread the word, and advertize. This does not come naturally to me. I am a sorcerer first, a writer second, and a marketer a very, very distant third. However, here I am, making my attempts.

Recently, I published an article on Llewellyn's online journal. It elaborates on the subject of integer bibliomancy, which can be summarized as a method of divination in which random number generation is used to extract messages from books. I have already received feedback on it, with several people unaware that bibliomancy was a form of divination, integer or otherwise. As it's one of my favorites, I am happy I was given the opportunity to share. You can read the article at the link below:

I look forward to releasing details about my upcoming appearances as I am able, and hopefully I will see some of you at Yule at Lunar Faire. (

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