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Starry Sky

The Serpenti Stellari

An Esoteric Consortium

     The Serpenti Stellari is an experimental esoteric organization currently in the process of formation. It is not a religion, it is not a charitable organization, and it is not a social club. Rather, The Serpenti Stellari is an esoteric practice and discussion group. It seeks to further the causes of compassion, kindness, and justice through magical practice, and to provide opportunities for self cultivation to its membership. 

   All prospective members must fill out the form linked at the bottom of this section. It is password protected, you must have received the password from a current member to apply. If you are accepted as a prospective member, you will be granted access to a limited subset of our online communication tools. After you get to know the existing membership, you will be granted full access providing you are approved for such.

  The Serpenti Stellari collect no dues, hold no property, and have no charter documents recognized by any nation or municipality, nor do we plan to. 


Notes on Our Organization

The Serpenti Stellari...

  • Primarily engages in esoteric work of the framework found in 'Seal, Sigil & Call', written by the author of this website, but welcomes all magical practitioners.

  • Is limited to 72 active members for the moment, which we are nowhere near given our recent founding.

  • Believes in the equality of all members, and separates responsibilities based on experience, not value judgments.

  • Has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech of any kind, any violations will result in immediate removal.

  • Contains five types of members: 

    • Prospects: Have access to our online discussion boards and social gatherings, but not to group rituals online or in person.

    • Initiates: Have been granted full access to all of our spaces, but have not yet undertaken the ritual of the adept, they can not nominate new prospects or lead ritual.

    • Adepts: Have gone through the ritual of the adept and can nominate new prospects and lead ritual, but not schedule rituals or activities without approval by an Illuminant.

    • Illuminants: Are limited to 17 members - One chosen representing each of the first 17 Eidolons in 'Seal, Sigil & Call' who have undertaken the appropriate threshold ritual and can design and lead rituals, approve and schedule activities, as well as approve new prospect applications by unanimous vote as a group.

    • The 18th Illuminant: This member, the founder of The Serpenti Stellari, holds a position virtually identical to the other 17 Illuminants, their position representing the 18th Eidolon. This role differs insofar as it can veto new membership requests and can appoint the other 17 Illuminants from Adepts who have undergone the appropriate ritual and volunteer for candidacy. It is also responsible for removing members for violating its codes of conduct.

  • Logo contains the following symbolism::​​

    • The Three Stars - Represent Compassion, Kindness, and Justice

    • The Serpent Reaching for the Stars- Represents wisdom, self-renewal, and growing out of old paradigms

    • The Lyre - Represents the infinite musical and mathematical patterns of existence

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